Give online or in person

Giving (or tithing) is something God has asked His people to do as a means of supporting His work, and as a reminder that all we have is really His anyway. While we do rely on the support of those who call New Hope home, if you’re a guest with us, please do not feel obligated to give, we’re glad to have you as our guest.

For those of you who do call New Hope home, or for those who may just want to make a one-time donation toward the work going on here, there are several ways you can financially support New Hope.


If you prefer to give online or using your mobile device, you can do so by clicking the Give Button above or below. You will be taken to our online donation page where you can process both one-time and scheduled recurring gifts.



To give cash, grab an offering envelope on Sunday morning located in the seats in the auditorium or from the Welcome Booth. Fill out the information, enclose your gift and drop it in the offering bag or hand it to one of our ushers. For tax receipts, cash donations MUST be made using an envelope as we need a record of your gift. 

For debit/credit card donations, we have a debit and credit machine. We also accept Master Card.


You will be able to set up automatic monthly giving, direct from your bank account. To set this up, you will grab a Preauthorized Debit Agreement form from the Welcome Booth in the lobby (or download and print out the form), fill it out and return it to the church office with a VOID check.

Please note that all donations will be applied to general church operations except for those designated to a project approved by the Elder Board.  If funds raised are in excess of an approved project’s requirement, or a project cannot be completed for any reason as determined by the Elder Board, the Board will have the option to designate the funds for other programs that are in line with the church’s charitable purposes.