Thriving In Uncertain Times

Thriving In Uncertain Times


  1. Dana Ryder

    Wow!! Thank you all who were involved in this service! I thouroughly enjoyed this morning.

    I have been really wanting to hear Rose sing Cornerstone for awhile now, and I was actually going to be putting a request to hear it, but she just sung it this morning and as always, she sang it beautifully!
    Thank you Daniella for putting everyone’s names on the chairs, I wasn’t able to make them out however Im sure you didn’t forget me!!
    Pastor Wayne thank you for the text to invite me to the service, It was so thoughtful of you and your service was very much appreciated as I sat in the comfort of my home feeling as if I were there. Reminding me about anxiety, gratitude, and to put this uncertainty into his hands. I miss you guys although I am grateful for this technology and connection to enjoy in my home.
    Wishing you all the best to you all at the church, and may be peace be with you!
    Dana Ryder

    • Jack Friesen

      Thank you all for making this possible today.
      It was awesome.
      It made me more thoughtful of giving God gratitude for what He has given to me.

  2. Samantha Janzen

    It’s so good I’m so happy it’s online I just don’t know what to say I have missed Wayne so much but now I get to hear him every week awesome !

  3. Icen Walwyn

    A very timely message of assurance in this troubled and uncertain time in our lives. May God bless you, Rose and John for this blessed moment. We know we rely on Jesus every day.

  4. Don & Nora Winchester

    Thank you Pastor Wayne. It was a very thought provoking sermon.
    Thank you too to Daniela for her hard work and to the rest of the staff.
    God Bless …..

  5. Pat Cyr

    Thank You All for the Singing & your message, making me realize how Grateful I am for all I have. Thank you Daniela for keeping in touch with the Seniors. Gods Blessing to all.

  6. Aradhana Sandhu

    Our GOD is an amazing GOD……We thank HIM for HIS provisions.
    Thank you New Hope for lifting our spirits in these pandemic times.
    Thank you each one who made this Sunday of ours a GREAT one. It means a lot to us.

  7. Keith lynch

    I truly thank you for putting this together. I can only speak for myself but I know I needed this time of worship through these tough times. It was absolutely wonderful to have the connection and to be able to feel the same feelings I get when I am at church I thank you Lord for Wayne and all the people at the church that put this presentation together…. God bless you all and I look forward to the next broadcast…

  8. Mervin and Myrl Driedger

    It’nice to be able to have a Sunday morning service on Wed.! We thank God for what He is doing at New Hope Church. God bless you as you serve.

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